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Hollow Art Competition

Yes, we know, the news articles are coming thick and fast! It's a real change for us, but we really, really want to get you all involved now that we can!

So! What we'd like to put in place is a little competition. If this is well received, we're going to start it up on a regular basis, but this one's just a test run. 'What's the prize?' we hear you ask? Currently, the prize is a sense of achievement and a shiny banner to put in your user info, livejournal, blog, MySpace, Facebook, website - really, wherever you want to put it!

So, onto the details - it's really very simple. The theme for the competition is Halloween. It's up to you how you interpret that - we'd like to see what you come up with! Entries can be for any content type: bases, icons, moodthemes, banners, wallpapers - whatever you want! You can put in as many entries as you want - simply post them as content in the usual way at Hollow Art and choose the relevant competition tag!

The deadline is, of course, 31st October 2009. After that we'll be asking people to vote (voting will be open to all members of the community) and the results will be published on 8th November 2009.
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Hollow-Art Resources!

Everything you need, all in one place.
~ Layouts ~ PB Search ~ RPG Directory ~ Forums ~
Everything Hollow-Art had before and much, much more! Still one of the largest, most diverse bases archive on the internet, and it keeps growing! Requests opening back up soon!

Now even better than before: opening today Hollow Art Resources!
~ Textures ~ Screencaps ~ Tutorials ~ Brushes ~
Whether you’re looking for resources, or you want a place to post yours for other people to use!

Come be a part of Hollow-Art!

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Temporary Twitches!

Hey everyone! We're in the middle of the move from one webspace to another for Hollow-Art.com! So, for now, there might be glitches that you run across. Don't worry about it, we'll be back when the move is complete! We're not taking new requests for the moment, and are holding off on posting anything new until it's done with. But this shouldn't take long, and then we'll be back!

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and if you have forum threads that you would like to save, please do so before the move. When we get everything back up and running, we're improving our forums system! :)

If you have any questions, please ping here!
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Help Keep Hollow-Art.com Alive!!!


Hollow Art was hit with some very bad news yesterday. We found out that we are in breach of our terms and conditions of use with our hosting firm because the site is just too popular! Currently we use a shared web server, but due to its popularity, hollow-art.com is currently using up to six times our allocated server resources and this has been affecting the performance of the other sites we share with. Obviously, this isn't something that the hosting company can allow to continue and they've given us a few days to either cut right back on our server usage or find a new home. Otherwise they're going to shut us down.

We really really don't want to shut down! And we don't want to reduce what we can offer you guys either, which leaves us with the only realistic choice of moving to a dedicated server, rather than sharing with other sites. This will completely solve the problem, but it's not cheap and although we have advertising on the site, that doesn't pay more than peanuts - definitely not to cover the monthly cost of a dedicated server!

So, we have to ask whether any of you would be able to donate money to hollow-art.com to help keep this site up and running.

If we are able to move to a dedicated server, there are many new features that will eventually be put into play - including making it possible for you guys to submit base sets to add to the indexes! We’ll also be able to launch Hollow Art Resources, to host and feature textures, brushes, fonts, wallpapers, and much more. A dedicated server is, basically, where we want and need to go to expand the site - and to keep bringing you the things we already do.

We're hoping that with your help we can get together enough money to sort this problem out. In the meantime, we're working with our current hosting firm to lower the site's resource usage so that they don't shut us down entirely! As such, until we can come up with a long term solution, you may see a reduction in the features we offer on the site.

Please bear with us and help if you can!
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Thank you

The Hollow Art Team

How else can you help? Here's a few suggestions!
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Add a link on your site, journal, game, etc!

Spread the word!
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