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~Hollow Art RPG Directory~

Check out our great new RPG game directory, we'd love for you to come join it!
Hollow-Art.com ~ Guidelines! ~ RPG Directory

We've mostly finished transferring over the contents of this community to the new site and so we can now announce that if you want to keep receiving updates from us on your friends list you can do so very easily. We're set up an livejournal rss feed. All you have to do is join hollow_art_rss and that will mean every time we add something new to the site, it'll appear in your friends list! That simple!

Also, in relation to this, we'd like to set a similar situation up over at insane journal, but to set up a feed, you need to have a paid account. Which none of us have. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to set up hollow_art_rss over at IJ for us?

new at hollow-art.com!

56 bases of Arlenis Sosa Peña.


here at hollow-art.com! Come join us there!

new at hollow-art.com!

New at Hollow-Art.com, 39 bases of Bettie Page. RIP.


Promote Your RPG!

Hey everyone! We've got a roleplaying promotion feature at Hollow-Art.com! Come check it out!

Click Here For Information!

Click Here for A Special Offer!

We still want you all to come join us! Make an account! Come chat with us on the forums! Invite your friends!

♥ ♥ ♥

new at hollow-art.com!

40 bases of Edyta Zajac.


See the set! Don't forget to register on the new set to make comments and join us on our forum! We'd love to chat with you. <3

new stuff at hollow art!

I've uploaded two new things to Hollow-Art.com! A layout and banner for Sarah Wayne Callies here, and a base set of wolves!


Located here!

Don't forget to register at the new site so that you can make comments, and join us on the forums! Hope to see you there!

More Hollow Art Layouts

I've added a couple a David Tennant layouts over at hollow-art.com!


If you're going to comment about this post, could you please do it here. Or EVEN BETTER here!!!

Thank you!



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